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You are invited to a Hoedown
Happy 4th of July
May Updates in Youth Ministry
March Updates in Youth Ministry
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Corpus Christi Youth Ministry

You are invited to a Hoedown

Join your parish community this summer for the Parish Hoedown from 6pm to 9pm on August 5th, 2017 on the Lawn. We'll have food, games, and entertainment.  The entertainment for the night is the Ramblin Rogues a local square dancing group.  Come and learn how to square dance and line dance.  The event is free and you do not need a ticket to attend.  Food and game booth tickets will be available for purchase.

Invite your friends to join you at a table.  This is a family friendly event.  No alcohol will be served so adults bring your own wine and appetizer to share with an adult friend.  Youth bring a soda pop to share with your friends.  

Looking forward to seeing you on August 5th at 6pm.  
Vini Nunez

We need Volunteers:  Youth and Safe Environment cleared adults we need your help to make the Hoedown a success.  We need help setting up on Aug 4th and on the night of the event on Aug 5th.  Service hours are always available for those who serve. 
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Sign up to help at the Hoedown

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July.  Thank you to all who served and continue to serve their country.  We are truly grateful for our freedom especially our freedom to publicly worship an awesome God.  I am thankful for the opportunity to have served our country and for all those I served with in the military.  May God continue to bless those that protect our freedom.  

Vini Nunez
Youth Minister
Corpus Christi Catholic Church


May Updates in Youth Ministry

We are in the home stretch.  It is already May and we are wrapping up our school year in Youth Ministry.  

First, Happy Mothers Day!  We can't forget our moms who work so hard to encourage, support, and pray for their children.  

Second, congratulations to all the Seniors graduating this year.  You are all in my prayers.  Don't forget to connect with a Catholic Newman Center at your new university/college.  (  It will be your "go to" community especially when times get tough.  

Please keep us in your prayers as we Confirm 35 youth in June, prepare for the upcoming year in Youth Ministry, prepare our summer retreat for Youth Leadership in June, support the parish summerfest hoedown in August, and kick off again in September.  

Enjoy your summer and remember wherever you go there will always be a Catholic Mass that you can attend.  

Vini Nunez
Youth Minister
Corpus Christi Catholic Church

March Updates in Youth Ministry

Last month we prepared for the season of Lent.  This month we are knee deep in the season of Lent, a time of great personal reflection.  

The scriptures say that after Jesus was baptized he was led by the Spirit into the desert for 40 days to be tempted.  Not once but three times (triple temptation).  He faced his tempter with courage and a sense of mission.  Jesus came into this world with purpose and mission.  He was fearless.  Imagine facing the devil and knowing how you were going to die yet being fearless.  

What are those moments in your life when you had to be fearless?  Parents, was it the time when your first child was born and you weren't sure of the next step in being a parent?  Teens, was it a time when you knew you were going to be judged or bullied for doing the right thing?  There are many times when we feel as if we are in the desert for 40 days.  But, something inside of us (Holy Spirit) speaks to us to be fearless because we know that God has given us purpose and mission.  

Enjoy this time of Lent to be fearless like Jesus.  Remember, if you want to have a great Easter, have a great Lent.  

Please pray for us, 

Vini Nunez
Youth Minister

February Update in Youth Ministry

Happy February!  Life has been busy especially in my house as my two teens finish up their winter sport of High School Wrestling.  

It has been amazing to see the strength and perseverance of the boys and girls wrestling team.  They grapple trying to hold on to the end until one person becomes the victor.  The Bible had a very famous wrestler (Genesis 32:22).  His name was Jacob and he wrestled with God (Angel) until the break of dawn.  Talk about perseverance.  In the end God blessed him for his perseverance.   

This month we begin the conversation of preparing our heart and mind for the Season of Lent (40 days).  In preparation for March 1st (Ash Wednesday) we will look at all the things we wrestle with and the spiritual battles we have with God. 

So, what have you been wrestling with this year?  What are those habits that you want to give up this lent?  What are those good habits that you want to pick up?  Lets talk about it some more this month.  Don't forget to take the real "40 Day Challenge" (Season of Lent).  Your perseverance will pay off in the end.       

Please keep us in your prayers,